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35W Bridge Collapse Display Opening

July 28  10 am - 5 pm | Minneapolis

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 35W Bridge collapse on Aug. 1, 2007, MNHS will display a remnant of the bridge, a gusset plate, at Mill City Museum. 

Fri., Jul 28
35W Bridge Collapse Display Opening
Mill City Museum, Minneapolis
Sat., Jul 29
Rondo Community Bus Tour
Minnesota History Center, St. Paul
Sat., Jul 29
Archaeology for Kids One-Day Camp
Historic Fort Snelling, St. Paul
Sat., Jul 29
Rondo Community Bus Tour
Minnesota History Center, St. Paul
Sun., Jul 30
WOW! Family Sundays: Picnics Then, Picnics Now
Minnesota History Center, St. Paul

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WW1 America Now on View Minnesota History Center
Penumbra Theatre at 40 Closes July 30 Minnesota History Center
Patriot Nations: Native Americans in Our Nations Armed Forces Now on View
Beyond Fitzgerald: Art and Literature in Minnesota During the 1920s and 1930s Now on View James J. Hill House
The history exhibit that plays well with kids.  Now on View Minnesota History Center
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History Matters

Revitalize Historic Fort Snelling

Take Action Now!

UPDATE: Thank state leaders for funding for Historic Fort Snelling. The legislature included $4 million for the revitalization of Historic Fort Snelling in the capital investment budget passed May 26th. This money will fund design work, the next step toward construction. MNHS will advocate for the remaining $30 million in the 2018 legislative session.

Featured MNopedia Article

German prisoners of war outside a farm building in Moorhead, ca. 1944–1945.

German Prisoners-of-War Camp, Moorhead, 1944–1946

During World War II, prisoners of war helped relieve a severe labor shortage in many rural areas of the U.S. In Clay County, Minnesota, POWs worked on farms to plant, tend, and harvest the crops that otherwise might have been lost.

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A Bag Worth a Pony

A Bag Worth a Pony

A celebration, illumination, and study of the spectacular beaded bags made by the Ojibwe of Minnesota.​


Girl working on a bead project

Teaching American Indian History and Culture

MNHS is your partner in history education. Learn about products, experiences and resources developed to broaden your knowledge and engage students around American Indian history and culture.

Collections Item of the Day

A photograph of a US Army motorcycle rider and mechanic working on a bike in June, 1940.

Gale Family Library

National League for Womans Service poster

Researching Minnesota in the Great War

World War I, or "The Great War," was a profound turning point in world history. For many Minnesotans, the Great War was the first international event to directly impact their lives. Learn more about the war effort abroad and the great political and social changes happening at home in Minnesota.


WW1 America gifts

WW1 America Books and Gifts

Buy great gifts at — and know that every purchase you make supports MNHS and preserves our state's history.


 Minnesota Farming

Minnesota Farming

Learn where your food comes from and the history behind Twin Cities farming communities.