History Matters


Kelley Farm

This Minnesota Historical Society has five requests for this year's capital budget. Please take a moment to contact your legislators and the Governor to let them know that History Matters to you and that you support these important projects!

Oliver H. Kelley Farm Expansion and Revitalization: Help this National Historic Landmark serve more students, teachers, tourists and Minnesota families with an updated, larger visitor center, new teaching kitchen and an expanded "farm to table" program. Learn more about this project and show your support by contacting your legislator today!

Historic Sites Asset Preservation: Help fund the preservation and restoration of historic structures and building systems in the State Historic Sites Network statewide.

Historic Fort Snelling Pre-design: Help fund pre-design planning activities for facilities to support visitor services and history programs at Historic Fort Snelling.

Minnesota History Center Pre-design: Help fund pre-design planning activities for redevelopment of the public service and collection storage facilities of the Minnesota History Center as the 25th anniversary of the building approaches.

County and Local Historic Preservation Grants: Help fund preservation of significant historic structures owned by county and local governments.

Show Your Support at History Matters Day at the Capitol on March 10

Join fellow history lovers at the Minnesota State Capitol for History Matters Day on March 10, 2014 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Each year, history supporters gather at the Capitol to learn more about history activities across the state and to let legislators know about the great educational work taking place with the help of state general fund dollars, Legacy funding and capital budget dollars.

Why it's Important for You to Speak Up for MN History

State funding helps MNHS preserve and share history statewide, through sites and museums, educational programming and our website, www.mnhs.org.

Regardless of the state's economic situation, it's important not to lose sight of MNHS' value to all Minnesotans.

Legislators and the governor need to hear from voters that funding MNHS educational and preservation program is a good use of tax dollars.

Whenever you speak up for history, you're making a difference. Other effective ways to speak up: visit your representative in person, write a personal letter to your representative, call your representative, write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, tell your friends and colleagues, use social media to spread the word about the importance of history.

More Information about the 2014 Legislative Session

The 2014 Session of the Minnesota Legislature convenes on February 25. The main order of business for the session will be to pass a capital budget bill, which will preserve the state's existing infrastructure, as well as fund new projects. We need your support to make sure our projects are included in the capital budget bill. The Senate Capital Investment Committee has set up a new website to let the public learn more about their process for assembling a capital budget or "bonding" bill.

Say Thank You

Legacy Amendment: One of the purposes of the Legacy Amendment's Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund is "to preserve Minnesota's history." Appropriations made in the 2013 session from the Legacy Amendment passed by the voters in 2008 will help preserve history across the state. This will be accomplished through MNHS programs, grants, partnerships and statewide programs. Arts and Cultural Heritage funding for history grants and statewide programs increased compared to the previous biennium. Please send a message to the Governor and legislators thanking them for their support of the Legacy Amendment.

Historic Preservation Tax Credit: In 2010, the Minnesota Legislature passed an incentive for owners of historically significant buildings to preserve these important places. The Historic Preservation Tax Credit has helped create thousands of construction jobs, while preserving our state's most important historic places. The original legislation included a "sunset" of the program after five years. In the 2013 Session, the Legislature recognized the value of this incentive and extended it for another six years. Please send a message to the Governor and legislators thanking them for extending the credit.