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Electronic Records Management Guidelines

E-mail Management
Annotated List of Resources

Primary Resources:

Prom, Christopher. Preserving Email. Digital Preservation Coalition Technology Watch Report 11-01. December 2011.

This report provides practical advice on how to ensure email remains accessible over time and address the technical, legal and cultural challenges of email preservation.


Council of State Archivists (CoSA). Electronic Mail Policies and Managment. ARC Resource Center. January 6, 2010.

Resources specifically about electronic mail policies compiled by state. 


ARMA International. Home Page.

“ARMA International is the oldest and largest association for the records and information management profession.”  This website provides users with access to publications and information about electronic records management, standards and best practices, professional development, and upcoming conferences and seminars.  Local chapters of ARMA have been developed in many metropolitan cities, of which a list can be found on this ARMA International site.

The Sedona Conference. Publications Home Page.

Publications address issues of eDiscovery, Email management, and other topics.  (Note: minimal registration is required to download the free publications.)


Additional Resources:

K&L Gates. Electronic Discovery Law Blog.

A blog that is frequently updated discussing court decisions, new or modified laws, and other recent events relating to electronic discovery.  


AIIM Knowledge Center Blog. "What is Email Management?" by Atle Skjekkeland. February 13, 2009.

An online presentation on email management that covers many issues surrounding email management including business drivers for using email, concerns about privacy, legal issues and security issues, policy development, and email management technologies.


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