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Legislative Metadata Schema and XML Wrapper

Legislative Metadata Schema and XML Wrapper

The XML Schema Working Group created a legislative metadata schema and a wrapper prototype used to associate said metadata with bill files.

The metadata schema and wrapper assist with providing access to legislative records as it helps describe them, making it easier to find and access the records.

The schema was used in a variety of contexts throughout the project. Minnesota used it in conjunction with the wrapper prototype, it was used by the California Legislative Counsel to associate metadata as they digitized California bill files, and it was used as both associated metadata and as part of the wrapper when testing the ingest, search and preservation functions of Tessella's Safety Deposit Box system.



  • Legislative Metadata Schema descriptions August 2011 (pdf)
  • XSD schema document
  • PDF of XSD document


Wrapper Protocol

  • Article on Wrapper Prototype Winter 2010; for more information contact Tim Orr at the Minnesota Office of the Revisor of Statutes.


Sample Documents

These sample bill documents from Minnesota and California use both the schema and wrapper.


For more information on the XML Schema Working Group or the process in developing the schema and wrapper please review the meeting summaries posted on the NDIIPP project page. NOTE: This link takes you out of CAROL.


Legislative Metadata Comparison

As part of the Minnesota led NDIIPP project, the XML Schema Working Group developed a set of metadata elements that can be used to describe legislative data sets. The metadata set is very basic with the understanding that the less requirements, the easier the set can be repurposed for use in other states.

When capturing data to repurpose, the Sunlight Foundation uses metadata to facilitate use and access.

The following document describes both the Minnesota legislative metadata set and the metadata Sunlight uses for legislative bills and then compares the two, noting the similarities and differences.


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