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XML Native Databases and Pilot Project

XML Native Databases

XML native databases can improve access to and use of text-based XML encoded information by providing full-text indexing and native storage, and they can be even more powerful when used with other XML standards and tools such as XQuery and XForms.

This white paper discusses how XML has changed the way data can be stored and accessed. The paper also covers he differences between XML-Enabled and XML-Native Databases; the advantages and disadvantages of XML-Native Databases; and XML-based standards.


Pilot Project

As part of Minnesota's NDIIPP project, the team looked into the feasibility of using an XML-native database as an access tool. A working group was formed and worked with a consultant to develop and test functionality for ingest, indexing, extraction and transformation within the database. Issues surrounding search capabilities and scalability were also explored.

The following report and PowerPoint presentation summarize the findings.

For more information on the XML-Native Database Pilot Project please review the information posted on the working group's webpage. This page also provides links to appendices associated with the above report, an executive summary, and a review by an independent consultant. NOTE: This page is located outside of CAROL.


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