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Minnesota Recordkeeping Metadata Standard: Aggregation Level Element



The level at which the record(s) is/are being described and controlled.

The level of aggregation of the unit of description.


To control the management actions which may be taken on the record(s).

To allow searches to be restricted to records at a particular level of aggregation.

Rationale: This element acts as a 'switch'. Appropriate management and control of records is enabled according to their level of aggregation. The aggregation level also dictates the types of metadata to be assigned to the record(s). The Applicability field included under each metadata element description indicates the level(s) of aggregation to which that element may be applied.
Obligation: Mandatory
Applicability: Applicable to all records.
This element shall be linked to 14. RECORD IDENTIFIER.
Repeatable?: No
Sub-Elements: -

Assigned Values:

(Value Name,

Value Name Definition
Record: "All cards, correspondence, discs, maps, memoranda, microfilms, papers, photographs, recordings, reports, tapes, writings and other data, information or documentary material, regardless of physical form or characteristics, storage media or conditions of use, made or received by an officer or agency of the state and an officer or agency of a county, city, town, school district, municipal subdivision or corporation or other public authority or political entity within the state pursuant to state law or in connection with the transaction of public business by an officer or agency. . . . The term "records" excludes data and information that does not become part of an official transaction, library and museum material made or acquired and kept solely for reference or exhibit purposes, extra copies of documents kept only for convenience of reference and stock of publications and processed documents, and bonds, coupons, or other obligations or evidence of indebtedness, the destruction or other disposition of which is governed by other laws." (Minnesota Statutes, section 138.17, subd. 1).
Record Series: Records arranged according to a filing system or kept together because they relate to a particular subject or function or result from the same activity.
Default Value: -
Assigned By: System-assigned. Changes to the default should be selected by an authorized agent from a pick list of the assigned values.
Schemes: Minnesota Recordkeeping Metadata Standard.
Comments: -

 Minnesota Recordkeeping Metadata Standard: Version 1.3, March 2015.

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