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Minnesota Recordkeeping Metadata Standard: Description Element


Definition: An account, in free text prose, of the content and/or purpose of the record.

To provide a concise summarization or abstract.

To enable searching based on words and phrases describing the record.


Allows for more detail than that provided by the use of a title alone.

Provides a means of describing high-level aggregations of records.

Obligation: Optional, but strongly recommended to facilitate searching.
Applicability: Applicable at the record and/or record series level.
Use Conditions: This element shall be linked to elements 12. AGGREGATION LEVEL and 14. RECORD IDENTIFIER.
Repeatable: Yes
Sub-elements: -
Default Value: None
Assigned By: Manually assigned by an authorized agent, usually the Record Registrar or the Record Content Author.
Schemes: Free text
Comments: This element may contain an abstract or summary of a textual record or a textual description of a non-textual record (e.g., an image). It may also contain a table of contents.


5. Description The Minnesota Electronic Curriculum Repository (MECR) is a quality-controlled database of assessment materials that supports the implementation of standards. The MECR supports reading, listening, and viewing complex information in the English language for primary grades through high school. Learning areas include literal comprehension, interpretation and evaluation, nonfiction and fiction, reading, and listening.

5. Description Image of Department of Administration organizational chart.

5. Description 1. Introduction
2. History and Contemporary Contexts
3. Definitions
4. Theory
5. Measurement
6. Methodology
7. Findings

 Minnesota Recordkeeping Metadata Standard: Version 1.3, March 2015.

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