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Minnesota Recordkeeping Metadata Standard: Function Element


Definition: The general or agency-specific business function(s) and activities which are documented by the record.
Purpose: To document the relationship between records and the functions/activities they represent.
Rationale: Documentation, through recordkeeping, of activities and transactions pertaining to the agency's core business functions will help to maintain agency accountability for its actions.
Obligation: Optional
Applicability: Applicable at the record and/or record series level.
This element shall be linked to elements 12. AGGREGATION LEVEL and 14. RECORD IDENTIFIER.
Repeatable?: Yes
Sub-Elements: -
Default Value: -
Assigned By: Agent-assigned, usually by the Record Content Author or Record Owner

Agency-defined schemes.

Use of a controlled vocabulary or thesaurus is recommended.

Comments: Agencies may choose to link the functions and activities documented under 9. FUNCTION to their specific mandates, as recorded in element 20. MANDATE.

 Minnesota Recordkeeping Metadata Standard: Version 1.1, July 2002.

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