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Minnesota Recordkeeping Metadata Standard: Type Element


Definition: The recognized form or genre a record takes, which governs its internal structure.

To provide additional information about the purpose and context of the record.

To assist users in interpreting information contained in the record by identifying its internal structure.

Rationale: May provide valuable extra information about the nature of the original action or transaction which is not evident from elements 3. TITLE, 4. SUBJECT, 5. DESCRIPTION, and/or 9. FUNCTION.
Obligation: Optional
Applicability: Applicable at the record and/or record series level.
Use Conditions: This element shall be linked to elements 12. AGGREGATION LEVEL and 14. RECORD IDENTIFIER.
Repeatable: No
Sub-elements: -

Assigned Values:

(Value Name,

Value Name Definition
Agenda -
Contract -
Guideline -
Home Page -
Instruction -
Letter -
License Includes permit
Manual -
Map -
Message -
Minutes -
Memorandum -
Plan -
Presentation -
Press Release -
Procedure -
Proposal -
Report -
Request for Information (RFI) -
Request for Proposal (RFP) -
Specification -
Standard -
Default Value: -
Assigned By: System-assigned or assigned by authorized agent (see note under Comments).
Schemes: Minnesota Recordkeeping Metadata Standard, agency-defined schemes.

Agencies may add other Assigned Values to meet their particular business requirements.

This list is representative of major groups of record types, but is not comprehensive.

Record types may be represented by templates in use within an agency. Such templates could be linked to the system and, when called up by an agent, used as triggers which enable the element to be system-assigned.

To describe the physical or digital manifestation of the record, use element 13. FORMAT.

Minnesota Recordkeeping Metadata Standard: Version 1.1, July 2002.

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