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The mission of MN GRIN (Minnesota Government Records and Information Network) is to provide a forum for the exchange of information among individuals and agencies interested in government records and information management. Membership and meetings are free.


Membership and Administration

Membership is open to anyone interested, with most coming from state and local government. MNGRIN's governing bylaws provide a Coordinating Committee, which is open to any interested member.


MN GRIN Google Group

MN GRIN has its own Google Groups site. The purpose of this site is to encourage collaboration among people interested in records, information, and content management in Minnesota state and local government. 

In addition to document sharing, the site includes a calendar showing upcoming MN-GRIN meetings and other records and information management events, a link to the MN-GRIN Google Group Discussion Board, and information about the current Coordinating Committee

RSS feeds to popular records and information management blogs and event lists are also available on the site.


Meeting Information

Specific information about meetings, including date, time, location, and topic, can be found on the Google Group calendar.


MN GRIN E-mail List

This e-mail list exists as a communication tool for its subscribers. Please use it freely to ask questions, start discussions, share information, or inform other members of news and events that are of interest to the group.

To subscribe, unsubscribe, or manage your subscription, visit https://webmail.mnet.state.mn.us/mailman/listinfo/mn-grin. (To access this page, click on "continue to this website".)

There is also an e-mail interface for users.  To learn more about this option, send a message with the word “help” as the subject (leave message body blank) to:  mn-grin-request@lists.state.mn.us

When posting, send e-mails to "mn-grin@lists.state.mn.us." Begin the subject line with the word "MNGRIN:" followed by your specific subject. This will help recipients know that the e-mail came from the MN GRIN list.

When responding to an e-mail, you have two choices:

  • Click the "reply" button and you will be replying to the entire list, or
  • Note the sender's e-mail address and reply directly back to them by addressing your response using only that individual's address.

Consider public responses any time the rest of the list members might benefit from, or be interested in, your response. Since the purpose of the list is to learn from, and to share information with each other, most responses should be public.

If you ever need to get in contact with the owner of the list, (if you have trouble unsubscribing, or have questions about the list itself) send your question in an email to shawn.rounds@mnhs.org.


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For More Information:

Cathy Beil
MN GRIN Coordinating Committee;
Records Manager, MN Department of Human Services



Chris Johnson
MN GRIN Coordinating Committee;
Records Manager, MN Department of Health



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