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Recent State Archives Acquisitions: February 2015

Background Information

Most of the records added this month to the State Archives collection fulfill a department goal to support lifelong learning and family history research. An individual donated records (dated1876-1952) of School District No. 40 which was located in Wyoming Township in Chisago County. The records include clerk’s and treasurer’s books and selected student records, and inter-file with an existing set of school district records. The Jackson County Library Board transferred its minutes and meeting files (dated 1976-2011), and abstracts of vote (dated 2004, 2013-2014) were received from Ramsey County;the 2004 abstract inter-files with an existing series of Ramsey County abstracts of votes dating from 1894 and the 2013-2014 abstracts continue the existing set.Another individual donated a photocopy of the Baytown Township (Washington County) town record book (dated 1858-1875) that includes meeting minutes of the board of supervisors, annual meetings, road supervisors, auditors board and sub school district supervisors. The town record book is also reproduced on a roll of 35mm positive use microfilm, plus digital copies on a compact disk. The digital content will be preserved as TIFF on the Society’s preservation server, and digital content in PDF will be available via the Society’s online library catalog.

The Sherburne County District Court transferred a large number of court records (dated 1861-1985)that inter-file with, or continue existing records preserved in the State Archives. Many of the records will be useful for family history research, and will enhance access to existing Sherburne County court records preserved in the State Archives. The records include plaintiff and defendant indexes (dated 1972-1983), registers of civil action (dated 1971-1982) and criminal action (1974-1985) of the County Court, and miscellaneous record books containing wills and final decrees (dated 1976-1982) of the County Court: Probate Division; defendant and plaintiff indexes (1970-1983), registers of civil action (dated 1861-1872, 1972-1982) and criminal action (dated 1978-1982), judgment books (1877-1981), minutes (dated 1883-1968, 1977-1978), and torrens dockets and decrees (dated 1911-1982) of the District Court; wills (dated 1913-1951), register of probate actions (dated 1926-1945) and minutes (dated 1927-1982) of the Probate Court; registers of criminal action (dated 1915-1951) of the County Attorney.

Another collecting priority of the State Archives is to document how the state protects the environment, andMetropolitan Waste Control Commission records received from the Metropolitan Council help fulfill that goad. Received are motions and resolutions (dated 1985-1993) that inter-file with an existing set of Commission minutes and agenda packets dating from 1975. The Commission was established in 1969 as the Metropolitan Sewer Board of the Twin Cities Area, and in 1975 its name changed to the Metropolitan Waste Control Commission. In 1994 the Commission was abolished with all of its duties and responsibilities transferred to the Environment Division of the Metropolitan Council. Also, the Transportation Department transferred reports (dated1982 and 1988) regarding Minnesota’s rail system and multi-car loading grain facilities; the reports will be added to the set of Transportation Department published records and reports dating from 1976 preserved in the State Archives.


1. Chisago County. School District No. 40 (Wyoming township). Records (dated 1876-1952). 1 box.

2. Jackson County. Library Board minutes and meeting files (dated 1976-2011). 2 boxes.

3. Metropolitan Waste Control Commission. Motions and resolutions (dated 1985-1993). 2 boxes.

4. Ramsey County. Auditor. Abstracts of vote (dated 2004, 2013-2014). 8 folders.

5. Sherburne County. Court records (dated 1861-1985). 28 boxes, 7 loose oversize volumes.

6. Transportation Department. Reports (dated 1982 and 1988) regarding Minnesota’s rail system and multi-car loading grain facilities. 1 folder.

7. Washington County. Baytown Township. Township record book 1858-1875. One oversize folder, one reel 32mm positive use microfilm, 1 compact disk.

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March 2, 2015