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Recent State Archives Acquisitions: January 2014

Background Information

A number of records were transferred last summer as Senate staff vacated Capitol building storage areas in preparation for the building's renovation. Included, is a Senate Judicial Committee minute book (dated 1877-1881), and registers of House and Senate bills (dated 1980s).  The minute book is one of the earliest legislative committee books in the collection, and pre-dates the set of Senate committee books preserved in the State Archives.  Also, correspondence and subject files (dated 1969-1994) of two former Secretaries of the Senate, George Goodwin and Patrick Flahaven, concerning such topics as the 1980 election, the Governor Carlson vetoes controversy, Senate media services, and information about former senators.  Of special interest, are House and Senate seating charts dated 1949-1987 (incomplete).  Of special interest, are House and Senate seating charts dated 1949-1987 (incomplete). Documenting the state legislature is a State Archives collecting priority, and these records are a welcome addition.

The Marshall County District Court transferred a number of records that continue existing sets preserved in the State Archives.  Of special value, are plaintiff and defendant indexes (dated 1881-1936) that will enhance access to the court civil and criminal case files preserved in the collection.  Also received are criminal case files (dated 1883-1887, 1908-1943, 1961), grand jury reports concerning the condition of the county jail and other county buildings (dated 1896-1910, 1932), and prisoners in jail reports (dated 1934, 1935).  The records will especially useful for family history research.  Besides being valuable for family history research, the records are useful for local history research.

Received from the Sibley County District Court is a variety of records  (dated 1863-1978),  including certificates of mustering officer (1864), incorporation (1878), ministers’ ordination (1866-1880), and business names (1911-1978);  civil case files regarding coroner’s inquests (1863-1879);  grand jury reports (1870-1962); naturalization depositions (1931-1940);  a partnership agreement (1920); and a board of audit report (1876).  The record pre-date, or inter-file with, existing sets of records preserved in the State Archives.

The Tax Court transferred closed (completed) decision files, dated 2010-2013.  The files continue an existing set dating from 1939.  The case files concern appeals from orders of the Commissioner of Revenue regarding tax disputes, or from property valuations or classifications that resulted in a Tax Court decision.  The court’s decisions interpret the law and have precedent value, and are valuable to protect the civil and property rights of Minnesota citizens and corporations.



1. Legislature.  Senate.  Records, dated 1877-1881, 1949-2004.   6 boxes.

2. Marshall County.  District Court.  Records, dated 1881-1961.  10 boxes

3. Sibley County.   District Court.  Records, dated 1863-1978.  1 box.

4. Tax Court.  Closed (completed) decision files, dated 2010-2013.  8 boxes.


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February 18, 2014