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Recent State Archives Acquisitions: March 2014

Background Information

State and local government records added this month to the State Archives collection may be used for various types of research, including local and community history, family history, the development of the state’s railroads, and the development and maintenance of the Wold-Chamberlain Field at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. 

Kandiyohi County transferred Equalization Board meeting minutes (dated 1999, 2003).  The Board met as required by law to decide classifications or valuations of county properties.  The 1999 minutes fill in a gap and the 2003 minutes continue the existing set of minutes preserved in the State Archives.  A private donor donated construction diaries (dated 1956-1958) and related records concerning the excavation and paving of a runway and/or road, and the backfilling of sanitary sewer trenches at the Wold-Chamberlain Field.  The records are of Frank Kath, an employee of the Ashbach Construction Company, and were donated by his daughter.  The records complement files concerning the Wold-Chamberlain Field, dating from 1928, preserved in the State Archives.  The records will be cataloged with Metropolitan Airports Commission records which is a particularly strong collection documenting this important government organization.

Received from Sherburne County are a number of records (dated 1858-1991) that inter-file with or continue existing records preserved in the State Archives.  Included are tax lists (dated 1878, 1885, 1895, 1980, 1981, 1990, 1991) of the Auditor. School censuses (dated 1909-1970), teachers’ term reports (dated 1906-1930), maps of school district boundaries (undated), annual reports of school district clerks (dated 1867, 1922, 1923, 1927), reports of annual school meetings (dated 1871), school district organization and dissolution files (dated 1858-1964), and annual reports (dated 1874-1875) of the now defunct Superintendent of Schools.  Also, meeting minutes (dated 1951-1983) of the Welfare Board, and Equalization Board meeting minutes (dated 1888-1889), plus clerks’ books (dated 1888-1969) of school district nos. 21/1898, 55/1905 and 56. 

The Natural Resources Department transferred a set of railroad right of way plats (dated 1857-1927).  There are approximately 1,000 hand drawn plats submitted primarily by railroads to the State Land Office; earlier in the 20th century the Natural Resources Department served as the State Land Office.  Also include notes, correspondence, copies of legal documents, and related records.  The plats complement a set of State Land Office railroad location maps dated 1857-1911. 

Supreme Court briefs on master negative microfilm were transferred by the State Law Library.  The briefs (dated 2002-2003, 2012-2013) fill in a gap and continue the existing set preserved in the State Archives.  The set of briefs on microfiche (dated 1960-2012) complement the set of Supreme Court/Court of Appeals case files dated 1849-1992.  The records are valuable for legal and other types of research, and to protect the civil and property rights of Minnesota residents and corporations.


1. Kandiyohi County.  Equalization Board.  Minutes (dated 1999, 2003).  1 folder.

2. Metropolitan Airports Commission.  Construction diaries (1956-1958) and related records (1956-1958).  3 folders.

3. Sherburne County.  Records (dated 1858-1991) transferred by several county offices.  28 boxes.

4. State Land Office.  State Land Office.  Railroad right of way plats (dated 1857-1927).  2 boxes.

5. Supreme Court.  Briefs: Closed Master Negatives, dated 2002-2003, 2012-2013.  1,919 microfiche in 1 box.


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April 9, 2014