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Minnesota  State Archives

Recent State Archives Acquisitions: May 2013

Background Information

Records added this month to the State Archives collection continue existing sets of records. 

The  Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities transferred records (dated 1997-2012),  including chronological files, annual reports and work plans, program performance and monthly activity reports, five-year state plans, and newspaper articles, clippings, and press releases.  The records continue an existing set of Council records dating from 1972.  The Council is designated by the State of Minnesota to plan and promote the coordination of services to persons with developmental disabilities, and the Council and its activities are well-documented in the State Archives.

Kandiyohi County transferred Board of Equalization minutes (dated 2002) which continue an existing of records dating from 1986.   The Board met as required by law to decide classifications or valuations of county properties.   

Incoming and outgoing correspondence (dated 1999-2007) was received from the Transportation Department/Commissioner’s Office, and continues a set of correspondence dating from 1967.  The correspondence is of the commissioner and the commissioner’s staff,  including Chief of Staff Margo LaBau (1999-2002), Commissioner Elwyn Tinklenberg (January 1999-October 2002), Acting Commissioner Doug Weiszhar (October 2002-January 2003), and Commissioner Carol Molnau (January 2003-September 2007).  Correspondents include federal, state and local government officials, non-government organization officials, and members of the general public.  Also transferred is correspondence (dated 2003) of Lt. Governor Carol Molnau.  Ms. Molnau served as both Lt. Governor and Transportation Commissioner for Governor Tim Pawlenty.


1. Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities.  Records, dated 1997-2012.   2 boxes.

2. Kandiyohi County.  Board of Equalization minutes, dated 2002.  1 folder.

3. Transportation Department.  Commissioner’s Office.   Incoming and outgoing correspondence (dated 1999-2007) of the commissioner and the commissioner’s staff.   4 boxes.


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June 12, 2013