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Recent State Archives Acquisitions: September 2013

Background Information

This month’s State Archives collection acquisitions provide documentation for a number of research topics, and fulfill two collecting priorities of the State Archives. 

Received from the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board are campaign finance files (dated 2007-2009) for terminated candidates, candidate committees, party units, political committees, political funds, and public officials.  Also, board meeting minutes, advisory opinions, and conciliation agreements and findings (dated 2008-2010).  These records continue existing sets of records preserved in the State Archives collection. 

The House Chief Clerk’s Office transferred additional records that inter-file with records transferred this summer.  Included are 1957 Extra Session: Rules Committee Book; 1958 Special Session: Minutes of the Civil Administration, Employees Compensation, and Rules Committees; 2005-2006 Special Session: House Files; and 2007-2008 Session: House Resolution No. 8.  The records were transferred from a storage room in the State Capitol basement, which will be renovated as part of the building’s three year renovation project. Documenting the state legislature is a collecting priority of the State Archives, and these records help fulfill that priority.

A former employee of the Human Services Department donated records documenting the State of Minnesota 1991 negotiations with American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) and the Minnesota Association of Professional Employees (MAPE) local unions, and the 2001 state employees strike.  The records include photographs, correspondence, and presentations, and will be useful for labor history research. 

In the November 1988 general election Minnesota citizens voted to abolish the office of the State Treasurer effective in January 2003.  Added to existing records of the State Treasurer in the State Archives are annual reports (dated 1996-2001), and a report (dated 2000) about transferring the powers, duties and responsibilities of the State Treasurer upon the completion of the last Treasurer’s (Carol C. Johnson) term of office in January 2003.  These records are valuable to document this now defunct state constitutional office. 

The Water and Soil Resources Board transferred annual programs and work plans (dated 1939-1974) that inter-file in an existing set of records dating from 1939.  Documenting how the state preserves and maintains its natural resources is a collecting priority of the State Archives, and these records help fulfill that priority.


1. Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board.  Records (dated 1992, 2007-2010).   30 boxes.

2. Human Services Department.  Human Resources Division.  Records (dated 1991, 2001).   13 folders.

3. Legislature.  House of Representatives.  Records (dated 1957-1958, 2005-2008).  2 boxes.

4. Treasurer.  Records (dated 1996-2001).  2 folders.

5. Water and Soil Resources Board.  Soil and water conservation districts’ background files (dated 1939-1974), specifically annual programs and work plans.  1 box.



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October 7, 2013