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Trustworthy Information Systems Handbook: Appendix A

Citation of the Trustworthy Information Systems Handbook

Users should be aware of the following information as they refer to the Trustworthy Information Systems Handbook:

  • Versions are identified by number.

  • New versions will be released as substantive changes are made to sections other than the bibliography (which changes on a continual basis). The most current version will always be online.

  • Past versions will be kept in PDF format by the Minnesota State Archives for five years and will be made available by request. Users concerned about ongoing access to a particular version (e.g., for audit purposes) should download and maintain within their own agency the PDF of the entire handbook.
    • Version 1 (December 1999 through July 2000).
      Note: the HTML and PDF forms of this version carry no identifying number.

    • Version 2 (released in August 2000).
      - Section 2, Section 4, Section 9, and Section 11 revised.

    • Version 3 (released in September 2001).
      - Substantive changes to Section 2, Section 8, Section 9, Section 11, Appendix A, and Appendix D.

    • Version 4 (released in July 2002).
      - Substantive changes to Section 9 (Criteria Group 5), Section 11, Appendix A, and Appendix G (examination form).

Users wishing to cite the Handbook should use the following format:

Minnesota Historical Society, State Archives Department. Trustworthy Information Systems Handbook. Version 4, July 2002.

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TIS Handbook last updated July 2002, Version 4.