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Trustworthy Information Systems Handbook: Appendix G, Legal Risk Analysis

Legal Risk Analysis Tool: Options for Use

The process of legal risk analysis can be approached in many different ways. A good preliminary step is to familiarize yourself with past problems before moving on to the particular information system(s) and records you are examining. To assist you at this point, some general questions are available for your consideration.

Records are not all equally valuable and do not all carry the same risks. Certain policy mandates determine the precise value and security level of much of your information. For an in-depth discussion of these statutes and links to online copies, please refer to Appendix D of the Trustworthy Information Systems Handbook.

There are three ways to use the Legal Risk Analysis Tool (choose one):

You also have the option to download the complete legal consequences in PDF format, organized by Minnesota Government Data Practices Act classification and scenario.

Legal Risk Analysis 34 (KB)

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