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Trustworthy Information Systems Handbook: Appendix G, Legal Risk Analysis

What Risks Do Your Records And Record Keeping Practices Pose For You?

Newspaper headlines prove that record keeping could change the way you do business.

“White House ordered to produce e-mail”
St. Paul Pioneer-Press, 11 July 2000

“Jury awards teacher $525,000 in lawsuit over data privacy”
St. Paul Pioneer-Press, 23 June 2000

“Digital signatures becoming as valid as pen and ink”
Minneapolis Star-Tribune, 20 July 2000

Changes in laws and technology will affect your agency. To understand and manage those changes, you need to answer, “What risks do your records and record keeping practices pose for you?”

To find out, click on the link at the end of this page. Just answer each of the eight questions by marking where your agency stands between the two poles of “low risk” and “high risk.” If you don't know, the answer is “high risk.”

If all your marks lie along the right hand side of the page, then your record keeping practices are posing a high risk to your agency. To learn more about managing those risks, use two resources from the State Archives: the Legal Risk Analysis Tool and the Trustworthy Information Systems Handbook.

Download the risk tool:

What Risks Do Your Records And Record Keeping Practices Pose For You?

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