Minnesota  State Archives

Information Guides on Tools for Electronic Records


These guides were created by Minnesota State Archives Staff while researching possible tools and processes for managing and preserving electronic records. It is hoped that by sharing this information others will be able to more quickly test and evaluate the tools for themselves.

Note: None of these tools and processes are endorsed by or necessarily used by the Minnesota State Archives. 

Preservation Plan

The Minnesota State Archives documents its digital collections with preservation plans which facilitate the management of the collections over time. A preservation plan consists of a record in a special Access database which captures information in a defined set of fields.  The database format allows users to search by file type, date, collection name, and more to find information on any/all of the included collections.

The Minnesota State Archives Preservation Plan summary can be found here.


List of Tools

Bag-It/Bagger (May 2013)
Used during file transfers.

Den4B Renamer (May 2013)
Used for renaming files.

DDFileCatcher (August 2013)
Document directory structure and file properties.

DROID (May 2013)
Identify file formats, create checksums.

Duke Data Accessioner (May 2013)
Add metadata to files during the transfer process.

Duplicate File Finder (August 2013)
Find and remove duplicate files.

Karen's Directory Printer (May 2013)
Document folder and file properties.

NARA File Analyzer (May 2013)
Explore the contents of a directory. Some of the functions include counting the number of files, determining format types, and generating checksum values.


Checksum Programs

These tools were reviewed specifically for the purpose of fixity checking in 2012.

The following paper provides a background on checksums and summarizes five easily accessible programs that create and/or validate checksums.

The following reports document the evaluation in detail of the same five programs as described in the white paper above.

More information on using checksums for authentication can be found here.


File Format Conversion

These processes were studied as possible means of converting file formats into preservation and/or access versions of electronic records.



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