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Metadata Workshop Exercise Examples

The Metadata Workshop includes several examples and exercises designed to get participants actively involved in discussion. While most are actually included in the course book files, the following examples are only referenced due to the limitations of the Word format. These can be printed separately and handed out to participants at appropriate times. Consider substituting your own examples if they are more germane to your environment and experience.

Unit II

Web page    Microsoft Word 2000 | PDF (198 KB) | RTF not available

Word processing document    Microsoft Word 2000 | PDF | RTF

Unit III

Data Model Metadata    Microsoft Word 2000 (5137 KB) | PDF (326) | RTF (28,911 KB)

Geographic Information System Metadata    Microsoft Word 2000 | PDF (192 KB) | RTF (102 KB)

Unit IV

DoD Records Management Information Model   
Microsoft Word 2000 (3317 KB) | PDF (360 KB) | RTF (17,800 KB)

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