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Metadata and XML Workshops: Post-Course Component


Please note that all references and content information can only be considered current as of May 2003. It is your responsibility to verify the materials and update them as necessary.


The purpose of the post-course component is to maintain contact with participants during the first few months after the workshop. It is an opportunity to continue communication and to remind your partners that you are available to work with them.

E-mails are sent to participants to point to additional resources of interest and to encourage them to apply what they learned during the session. One possible approach would be to send out three post-course e-mails at two-week or monthly intervals after the workshop. Always be sure to include your contact information. In the last one, you may want to ask for feedback on the workshop process to assist you in refining your approach to any future sessions.

Sample post-course e-mails are available for both the metadata and XML workshops.

Metadata Workshop Post-Course E-mails    Microsoft Word 2000 | PDF | RTF

XML Workshop Post-Course E-mails    Microsoft Word 2000 | PDF | RTF

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