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Metadata and XML Workshops


Please note that all references and content information can only be considered current as of May 2003. It is your responsibility to verify the materials and update them as necessary.


Both the metadata and XML workshops are comprised of three components: pre-course, main course, and post-course. This allows participants to move from an introduction to the topic to research on their own and implementation of what they've learned. With the timeline we recommend, the participants' interaction with you will extend over three months.

Pre-Course Component

Main Course Component

Post-Course Component

We have provided a great deal of material about these topics and workshops, all tested in a variety of presentations and locations. You can adopt it wholesale and expect it to work, but we recommend that you consider carefully how to adapt it for your specific needs. The workshops will be most effective if you make them your own. Please credit the State Archives if you make use of these materials.

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