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Heritage Preservation Staff

John Fulton, Grants Specialist, 651-259-3467, 

Programs: Grant Programs

John administers MNHS grant programs designed to help Minnesotans preserve history. He provides advice on how to prepare a strong proposal, helps applicants understand how to access the online grant system and reviews grant applications. BTW: John is especially interested in working with applicants who are proposing film and publication projects.

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  • assistance with the grant application process and accessing the grant portal
  • technical advice on applying for grants for archives, library, research, publication, and film

Joseph Hoover, Program Associate, 651-259-3461,

Programs: Local History Services, Grants

Joe helps Minnesota’s local history organizations reach new audiences and manage their historical information. He teaches them how to use digital technology, including websites, social media, and computer software/hardware, to better preserve and share their history. BTW: Joe edits the popular e-newsletter Local History News. It is the preeminent source of information about the preservation of Minnesota’s history and heritage at the local level.

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  • technical advice on applying for grants to use technology to preserve and share history
  • submissions to Local History News

Melinda Hutchinson, Grants Specialist, 651-259-3459,

Programs: Grant Programs

Melinda administers grants for the Minnesota Historical and Cultural Heritage Grants program. She works with 501(c)(3) nonprofits, local governments, educational institutions and tribal organizations across the state to ensure that their grant proposals are competitive and their projects become lasting legacies for the people of Minnesota. BTW: Melinda enjoys being an advocate for history.

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  • answers to your questions about our grant programs
  • technical advice on applying for grants for museum collections, conservation, and oral history

Laura Kindseth, Design Reviewer, 651-259-3463,

Programs: Grants, Historic Preservation, Historic Partnerships

Laura provides technical assistance, project review, and recommendations to the Grants Office staff in the administration and monitoring of grant-assisted work on historic buildings and properties, including those funded through the Historical and Cultural Heritage Grants Program funded by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. BTW: As a former Main Street manager, Laura has experience collaborating with communities to determine best reuse and rehabilitation solutions for historic structures.

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  • technical advice on applying for grants for historic preservation

Todd Mahon, State History Services Manager, 651-259-3492,

Programs: Local History Services, Grants, Markers & Monuments, History Partnerships

Todd helps individuals and organizations who are seeking, saving and sharing Minnesota history expand their capacity to achieve their missions. He works with statewide and local organizations that are focused on preserving local history and supporting the overall development of Minnesota's history community. BTW: Todd has an impressive understanding of collections management, museum practices and historical interpretation. As a former county historical society director, he has a keen insight into the management and organizational development of history enterprises.

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  • assistance with your local history organization
  • technical advice on applying for grants for museum administration, museum environments, and interpretation

Carolyn Veeser-Egbide, Grants Manager, 651-259-3469,

Programs: Grant Programs

Carolyn leads the Heritage Preservation Grants Office. She works with governmental and educational institutions, special interest history organizations, review committees, MNHS staff, and members of the public who are seeking funding to preserve their history. BTW: Carolyn is a lifelong Minnesotan and proud of it!

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  • information about grants administration, grant requirements, and the grantmaking process

Gillian Maguire, Grants Administrative Assistant, 651-259-3460,

Programs: All Grant Programs

Gillian supports the full range of Heritage Preservation Department programs, working closely with MNHS staff, applicants, and grantees to process, expedite and monitor grants from initial application to close-out.  BTW: Gillian has a background in American material culture and is passionate about the preservation and accessibility of historic collections.     

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  • assistance with the grant application process
  • clarity on grant submittal requirements for milestones, conditions and final reports
  • general information about the Heritage Preservation department