MNHS Collective Bargaining Update

Information shared by CEO Kent Whitworth, MNHS Bargaining Team, and Leadership Team
Last updated: 3/7/2023

The table teams representing MNHS leadership and AFSCME Local 3173 have reached tentative agreements on an initial three-year contract. The tentative agreements are consistent with our strategic plan, which calls for fair, sustainable market-based compensation for all staff.

The tentative agreement includes wage increases of an initial 8% on average and a new minimum wage of $18/hour, plus a 3% annual grid adjustment and a 2.5% seniority adjustment every two years for the first 14 years of employment. The tentative agreement also maintains MNHS’s robust package of employee benefits, including a new paid parental leave benefit.

The next step is for a final review of the draft agreement and for union members to vote on ratifying the contract. The timeline and process for the ratification process will likely be communicated by AFSCME.

This is the product of months of hard work, and we thank the teams for their dedication to our mission and to each other. 

Throughout this process, MNHS colleagues have remained committed to our mission to share Minnesota’s history and create powerful engagement with history. Guided by our shared values, we look forward to this next phase of collaboration and carrying out our strategic plan together.