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Fully tax-deductible donations of all sizes to the Minnesota Historical Society’s Annual Fund help MNHS provide ongoing support for programs that help students make connections between the past and the present.

MNHS programs inspire young people to examine, engage and understand, better preparing them to be discerning, well-informed leaders. 

Last year:

  • 27,000 students at 193 schools participated in National History Day in Minnesota
  • 223,133 field trip visitors
  • Northern Lights student textbook served 60,600 students, or 83% of Minnesota's 6th graders
  • Gale Family Library at the History Center welcomed 22,200 researchers
  • 2,425 items were added to MNHS collections

And all of these programs depend on consistent, Annual Fund support from donors like you. 

Planned giving and major gifts

Planned giving staff at the Minnesota Historical Society can help you create a legacy that supports history preservation and education for the next generation of Minnesotans.

Donations to MNHS Collections

Do you have a physical object such as clothing or books that you would like to donate to our Collections Department? Please fill out this form to start that process.

Women's Organization of MNHS

The Women's Organization of the Minnesota Historical Society (WOMNHS) has been assisting MNHS for over 65 years through monetary gifts and volunteerism.

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