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Ben's Last Day

By: Lori Williamson | Item of the Day | April 1, 2022

Ben's post:

"I'm so proud of what is (probably) my last acquisition for the MNHS Collections.

I admire Rachel King-Siert so much. Among many other things, she is an amazing textile artist with an almost unending amount of generosity. To me, this is a perfect acquisition, documenting what so many of us here in the Twin Cities -and Nationwide - have been feeling over the past two years.

During the pandemic, Rachel's friends, family, and community members were publicly taking action and protesting the murder of George Floyd. She pivoted from feeling scared and helpless to being in service to the community. She writes,

“I don’t usually make quilts; I DO hate wasting anything. My "2020 Craziness Quilt" was made with some of the scraps from the “frantic Rachel making thousands of mask” stage of 2020 COVID and protests in Minneapolis......The only thing I could think of to be helpful was to keep making masks and donating them… I know I made over 2000 masks but quit counting after that.”

I really believe this quilt, which was made with love and comfort for her family and friends, enriches the way we will talk about and remember these historic moments we've collectively been experiencing.

So much love and respect, Rachel."

Love, respect, and thanks to you too, Ben.