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"Motherwort" Quilt

By: admin | What's New | May 20, 2008


Quilting is a $4 billion dollar industry, as reported by the director of the Houston Quilt Festival in a recent newscast. Interest in quilting was revived in the early 1970s along with other forms of handwork. Today quilters in their enthusiasm demonstrate their interest in both traditional and experimental quilting. “Motherwort” is a contemporary quilt by a Minnesota quilter recently added to the permanent collection.It is an abstracted floral image with rich color in the designer’s choice of printed cottons and decorative machine stitching.  

The quilter, Clare Degerness of Moorhead, Minnesota, notes: "I approach quilt making from both a construction background and a life long interest in art. Both aspects of my quilt art are important - original, creative and precise construction. Although I began quilt making with traditional patterns and techniques, my own creativity has stretched to include original designs, non-traditional fabrics, and construction techniques never taught in Home Economics.... My work goes beyond my own space into public places where, hopefully it educates and inspires.” (Quote from Proverbial Challenge website.)

Linda McShannock, Curator

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