Thank you, Mr. Mondale

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Thank you, Mr. Mondale

By: Lori Williamson | Item of the Day | April 30, 2021

Walter Mondale gives eulogy at Hubert H. Humphrey's funeral.

Remembering Vice President Walter Mondale

On April 19, 2021, we lost one of Minnesota’s greatest statesmen and leaders.

Walter Mondale was born in Ceylon, Minnesota, in 1928. He spent most of his 93 in public service, starting as Attorney General and later Senator for Minnesota. He changed the role of Vice President when he served in that position; he and President Carter would work together as a team. He was the Democratic Party nominee for President in 1984. Later, he served as Ambassador to Japan.

In recent years, while in private law practice and richly deserved retirement, he still worked for the people. Mondale was incredibly generous with his time and knowledge, working with up and coming politicians as well as students in law school, graduate studies, and History Day. His commitment to students and the study of history was unwavering.

When Mondale gave the eulogy for another great Minnesotan, his mentor Hubert H. Humphrey, he said:

"While he was an international figure and a national figure, as we in Minnesota well knew, he was always a Minnesotan, and always a son of the prairie. There was something in this land and its lakes and, especially its people, that fed the springs of love, the strains of ideas, the torrents of enthusiasm, and which nurtured the special genius and the immense humanity of Hubert Humphrey... He was a special man in a special place, and I know he would want me to say today: Thank you, Minnesota."

Today, as Minnesotans, we say: Thank you, Mr. Mondale.