COVID took a good man

History is now: Covid 19 Blog.

History is now: Covid 19 Blog.

Real Community Stories from the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis


We are living in a historic moment. The Minnesota Historical Society is collecting and preserving Minnesotans’ stories related to the COVID-19 health crisis so future generations can learn how the pandemic has impacted our lives. We invite you to read a sampling of these stories here and to share your story.

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COVID took a good man

By: Public contributor | May 5, 2020

This virus, like any other, goes for the poor, incarcerated, chronically ill and mentally ill. Those are populations least likely to be able to get quality health care and no one seems to be able to help them. My entire family lives with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a rare genetic connective tissue disease. My brother also has diabetes, high blood pressure, minor heart problems, and he is HIV positive. To top off his already long life of negative experiences, due to his mental illnesses he is also in federal prison. 

It has been almost impossible for us, family, to get information about his recovery/illness with COVID-19. With around 80 people who live or work in his prison sick with COVID, they only have 1 person for family to contact. Privacy laws have hindered who and how much information we can get. It’s disgusting. Even though these people have made a mistake they are still humans with families. However, they do NOT receive quality medical care. Since it’s a federal prison run by the government, which is at this time a laughingstock of the world, it’s not run well or humanely. One day we receive word he is near death and his prognosis is not good and the next day we get any contact we hear the opposite. It’s highly frustrating to say the least.

~ Sister of Covid-19 sick brother, submitted April 25

Update on April 27: My brother died of a massive heart attack due to a clot in his lungs today.

COVID took a good man.