When the flower shops closed

History is now: Covid 19 Blog.

History is now: Covid 19 Blog.

History is now.

Real Community Stories from the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis


We are living in a historic moment. The Minnesota Historical Society is collecting and preserving Minnesotans’ stories related to the COVID-19 health crisis so future generations can learn how the pandemic has impacted our lives. We invite you to read a sampling of these stories here and to share your story.

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When the flower shops closed

By: Public contributor | May 12, 2020

I felt the saddest when the flower shops closed. They gave away all their flowers for free. It was such a beautiful thing to do for people. On Friday, March 27th, 2020 I didn’t see a single person who wasn’t carrying a handful of exotic orchids or carnations. It was as magical as it was devastating. [...] When I get scared, I try to remember the things I’m grateful for. Like how nature is having such a tremendous moment. There are children playing in backyards. People are walking dogs and picking up garbage off the streets because there’s nothing else to do. Everyone is going out hiking, dancing on their balconies, and screaming joyful hellos at one another.

~ Katrina Ardolf