Video Tour of the Saint Peter State Hospital Museum

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Video Tour of the Saint Peter State Hospital Museum

By: Joe Hoover | February 28, 2011

One of the advantages of this job is being able to get out to museums less traveled and in the case of the Saint Peter State Hospital Museum which dwells within the grounds of a maximum security psychiatric hospital - reservations are required. However, that day, the volunteers and staff were holding an open house to show off all the work done on the historic building to get the history museum ready for the public.


St. Peter State Hospital Museum

100 Freeman Drive

St. Peter, MN 56082

(507) 931-7250



BTW: this is Minnesota Local History's first podcast which I hope will be the first of many as we travel to different museums and historic sites around the state. One of the reasons for doing the podcast is to test and demonstrate ways to create media in variety of ways both on a shoestring budget and with Cadillac video and audio equipment.



As I do this, I hope folks will give advice and feed back on what they have done, what equipment they use and share tips for me and others out there.