What do you call a museum?

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What do you call a museum?

By: admin | January 10, 2007
Hi everyone! Our museum had a board strategic planning retreat this past weekend. Among the issues we looked at was that of our name: the North Star Museum of Boy Scouting and Girl Scouting is an unwieldy moniker, for sure. But aside from the issue of whether the words "North Star" appeal to the region we intend for it to-not just Minnesota, but the 5-state upper Midwest-the board was concerned that perhaps the word "museum" in our name was a hindrance, rather than a help.

I just listened. My feeling is that we are, indeed, a museum, and that it is an honorable word, one with a long history and easy-to-understand connotations.

My question for you is this: do any of you know of any recent research into the term "museum" (as opposed to "history center", or any other type of euphemism for museum) with the general public, designed to elicit what image comes to mind when people hear the word? I'd like something to pass along to my board.