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Volunteer Researcher and Writer Extraordinaire

By: Rebekah Bjork | March 22, 2017

Aaron has been a volunteer researcher and writer for MNopedia since February 2016. With an extraordinary knowledge of Minnesota railroad history, he wrote about the Minneapolis Great Northern Depot for his first article, which was published in June 2016. Since then, Aaron has completed six more articles on railroads across the state that are key to Minnesota’s economic development, and is in process on another article on the history of the Como railroad shops in St. Paul (now Bandana Square).

When MNopedia started to repurpose the old Minnesota Place Names database, they needed Warren Upham’s original entries geocoded and proofed for inclusion on an interactive map feature. There was a snag with a number of obscure railroad stations that Upham noted in his book as “location unknown.” Tapping into Aaron’s expertise, he did a little sleuthing and was able to find several within a few days!

Aaron is very enthusiastic about his work for MNopedia. In a recent email update he wrote: “I really enjoy this and it means the world to me to be able to contribute.” Aaron has been a real joy to have on the project, and the team is very grateful for his dedication and superb work. Since he started in February 2016, Aaron has completed about 300 hours of service to MNHS!



Submitted by Linda Cameron 03/22/2017