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The Minnesota Historical Society's volunteer and intern programs welcome people from all communities to engage in mission-related projects. Over 2,660 volunteers and interns contribute 53,400 hours hours annually. This diverse volunteer corps helps to achieve the MNHS mission — Using the Power of History to Transform Lives.

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Heritage Studies Graduate Program

By: Rebekah Bjork | December 20, 2019

The Heritage Studies and Public History (HSPH) graduate students explore the publicly engaged and community-accountable practices of historical scholarship, whether it is based in archival research, archaeology, material culture studies, architecture, preservation, and landscape studies. The HSPH Masters program offers specialized tracks in Archaeological Heritage, Public History, and Historic Preservation. With a commitment to social justice, the HSPH program is on a mission to change the fields of Heritage Studies and Public History by diversifying them. The Internship Program is designed to advance four core values: diversity, interdisciplinary inquiry, experiential learning, and community engagement. 

HSPH graduate students have been busy working in various internships within the Historical Society and within community organizations. The work they are doing for the internships range from museum access, community engagement, digital archives, tribal self-governance, and communications to name a few. Graduate students spend their time working with internship supervisors to cultivate projects that align with the institutions values and mission. MNHS Press worked closely with graduate student Eric to produce their exhibit on Minnesota History on view in the Gale Family Library. Eric co-curated the exhibit with staff Lori Williamson and Laura Weber. Graduate student Simiyha worked closely with staff in the MNHS Collections department to assist in the identification, cataloging and processing of acquisition offers in the 3D Objects collection pertaining to African American history.


Submitted by staff Amber Annis