Appropriation Language for Fiscal Years 2012-2013 (Published 2011)

Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund history appropriations language

Laws of Minnesota, 2011, 1st Special Session, Chapter 6, Article 4, Section 2, Subdivision 5.

These amounts are appropriated to the governing board of the Minnesota Historical Society to preserve and enhance access to Minnesota's history and its cultural and historical resources. Grant agreements entered into by the Minnesota Historical Society and other recipients of appropriations in this subdivision shall ensure that these funds are used to supplement and not substitute for traditional sources of funding. Funds directly appropriated to the Minnesota Historical Society shall be used to supplement, and not substitute for, traditional sources of funding. Notwithstanding Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.28, for historic preservation projects that improve historic structures, the amounts are available until June 30, 2015.

Statewide Historic and Cultural Grants

$5,250,000 the first year and $5,250,000 the second year are for history programs and projects operated or conducted by or through local, county, regional, or other historical or cultural organizations; or for activities to preserve significant historic and cultural resources. Funds are to be distributed through a competitive grants process. The Minnesota Historical Society shall administer these funds using established grants mechanisms, with assistance from the advisory committee created under Laws 2009, chapter 172, article 4, section 2, subdivision 4, paragraph (b), item (ii).


$4,800,000 the first year and $4,800,000 the second year are for programs and purposes related to the historical and cultural heritage of the state of Minnesota, conducted by the Minnesota Historical Society.

History Partnerships

$1,500,000 the first year and $1,500,000 the second year are for partnerships involving multiple organizations, which may include the Minnesota Historical Society, to preserve and enhance access to Minnesota's history and cultural heritage in all regions of the state.

Statewide Survey of Historical and Archaeological Sites

$250,000 the first year and $250,000 the second year are for a contract or contracts to be let on a competitive basis to conduct statewide surveys of Minnesota's sites of historical, archaeological, and cultural significance. Results of this survey must be published in a searchable form, available to the public on a cost-free basis. The Minnesota Historical Society, the Office of the State Archaeologist, and the Indian Affairs Council shall each appoint a representative to an oversight board to select contractors and direct the conduct of these surveys. The oversight board shall consult with the Departments of Transportation and Natural Resources.

Digital Library

$250,000 the first year and $250,000 the second year are for a digital library project to preserve, digitize, and share Minnesota images, documents, and historical materials. The Minnesota Historical Society shall cooperate with the Minitex interlibrary loan system and shall jointly share this appropriation for these purposes.