Mankato Union

Mankato weekly independent (Mankato, Minn.) 1857-1861  Browse the title

Mankato independent (Mankato, Minn.) 1861-1863  Browse the title

The Mankato weekly union (Mankato, Minn.) 1863-1864 Browse the title

The Mankato union (Mankato, Minn.) 1864-1879 Browse the title

Mankato Weekly Independent, alternately titled Mankato Semi-Weekly Independent, was published weekly and later semi-weekly between June 1857 and August 1861 when it was renamed Mankato Independent.

Mankato Independent, alternately titled Semi-Weekly Mankato Independent, was published semiweekly between August 1861 and July 1863 when it was renamed Mankato Weekly Union.

The Mankato Weekly Union was published on Fridays between July 1863 and December 1864 when it was renamed the Mankato Union.

The Mankato Union, also variously titled the Mankato Weekly Union, was published weekly on Fridays between December 1864 and October 1879, when it merged with the Mankato Record to form the Mankato Free Press.