Moorhead Advocate

Red River star (Moorhead, Minn.) 1872-1877  Browse the title

Red River Star was published weekly in Moorhead, Minnesota between July 1872 and March 1877, when it was renamed the Moorhead Advocate. Publication was suspended between October 17 and December 26, 1872.

Moorhead advocate (Moorhead, Minn.) 1877-1878  Browse the title

The Moorhead Advocate was published weekly between April 1877 and May 1878, when it was renamed Clay County Advocate.

Clay County advocate (Moorhead, Minn.) 1878-1880  Browse the title

Clay County Advocate began publishing weekly in Moorhead, Minnesota in June 1878. It was renamed Moorhead Advocate sometime between July and September 1880.

Moorhead advocate (Moorhead, Minn.) 1880  Browse the title

Moorhead Advocate began publishing weekly sometime between July and September 1880. It was renamed Moorhead Weekly Argonaut in December 1880.

Moorhead weekly Argonaut (Moorhead, Minn.) 1881-1882  Browse the title

Moorhead Weekly Argonaut was published between January 1881 and March 1882, when it ceased publication.