Northwestern-vine (Minneapolis, Minn.; St. Paul, Minn.) 1901-1903  Browse the title

Calling itself "The leading Afro-American newspaper published in the Northwest," the Northwestern-Vine was published weekly in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Chicago by D.E. Butler from 1901 to 1903. F.D. McCracken served as editor of the Minneapolis and St. Paul editions, and Dr. P.A. Huberts was editor of the Chicago edition. Joseph C. Reid, another newspaper man from the Twin Cities formerly of the Afro-American Advance, served for a time as a staff writer at the Northwestern-Vine. F.D. McCracken would later become the St. Paul representative for the Twin City Star. An eight-page, five-column paper, the Northwestern-Vine featured a weekly digest of "Social, Personal and Local" news, with particular attention paid to events at local churches. A strongly Republican paper, the Northwestern-Vine urged its readers to vote a straight Republican ticket "For the good of the race and the best in America."