Svenska folkets tidning

Svenska folkets tidning (Minneapolis, Minn.; St. Paul, Minn.) 1881-1927 Browse the title

The Swedish language weekly newspaper Svenska folkets tidning (the Swedish People's Paper) began publication in Minneapolis, Minnesota on October 5, 1881. Known for being progressive and liberal leaning but moderate in tone, the paper was published by the Swedish Publishing Company of Minneapolis, comprised of President Victor Berggren, Treasurer P.J.E. Clementson, and Secretary Alfred Soderstrom. The first managing editor of the paper was Magnus Lunnow, who had previously served on the editorial staff of Svenska tribunen. Early contributors included notable Swedish American Minnesotans John Lind, Hans Mattson and Albert Berg.

The paper was a success from the start, with 3,000 subscribers reported after the first three months, and an increase to 9,000 subscribers in the second year. In 1883 the paper was sold to Alfred Soderstrom, editor Lunnow, and Olaf Hoglund. In the spring of 1899 the Swedish Printing Company was incorporated and given control of the paper in order to improve its finances and allow the construction of an enlarged modern printing plant. In November 1899 the paper's plant was lost when a fire broke out in the Tribune Building, where it was housed on the seventh floor.

Longtime editor Lunnow died in 1903. In 1908 A.G. Johnson bough the paper from the shareholders and oversaw increases in circulation and advertising; however, the paper later struggled. Johnson died in 1924 and the paper was absorbed by Svenska amerikanska posten in 1927, publishing its last issue on August 25 of that year. Svenska folkets tidning was published in English and Swedish from August 1908-July 1911 and again January 1916-May 1927.


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