Twin City Guardian

The Twin City guardian (St. Paul, Minn.; Minneapolis, Minn.) 1895-1920  Browse the title

The Twin City Guardian began publication in St. Paul in 1895 with Jacob R. Steiner as manager and editor. Under Steiner, the Twin City Guardian focused on promoting local small businesses in the Twin Cities. In 1918, Jacob’s son, William D.J. Steiner, assumed the role of managing editor. The following year, Jennie M. and Phillip F. Hale, an African American couple from Minneapolis, took over as the paper’s publishers and began featuring news for an African American audience. Phillip F. Hale had previously been managing editor of another African American newspaper, the Twin City Star. Beginning with the June 14, 1919 issue, the advertising in the paper also began prominently featuring African American owned businesses. In November 1919, the Hales moved the newspaper to Minneapolis. Following the move, William D.J. Steiner took on the role of special Minneapolis representative. Under the direction of the Hales, the Twin City Guardian ran until at least 1920, which is when the Minnesota Historical Society’s collection ends. Phillip and Jennie Hale died within months of one another in 1921, both of heart-related ailments. An article in the March 3, 1921 edition of the Minneapolis Messenger mentions an attempt by unidentified parties to revive the Twin City Guardian which produced “only a couple of issues.” 

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