The Bakken Museum has created eight classroom activities to help students learn about the topic of electricity.

Blackout Activity (PDF 693.77 KB) This activity has the students reflect about life without electricity.  

Build Your Own Generator (PDF 434.11 KB) Have your students explore Michael Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction! 

Electrons! (PDF 255.71 KB) More science to talk about!

Energy Conservation Game. Engage your students in a board game that will help them learn how to make thoughtful choices, use less energy, and have a positive impact on the environment.

Mystery Object Activity. Help your students connect to a time when modern electric conveniences were just entering our homes and lives. This activity can include: a matching game like “memory”, a sorting and classification lesson, or a Visual Thinking Skills activity. 

Pitch for Electricity (PDF 1.52 MB)  Create an ad to promote Green Energy or Conservation.
This lesson can be used as a response to the Red Wing Films if your class will be going on a field trip to view the Electrifying Minnesota exhibit.

Simply Energy Audit (PDF 146.71 KB) How energy efficient is your classroom?