Exhibits To Go! Hosting Requirements for the Fur Trade Exhibit

The Fur Trade in Minnesota features six (6) retractable banner graphics, two hands-on touch tables, crated trade goods displays, two tabletop media interactives, a hands-on voyageurs crate interactive, and a beaver hat display in a vitrine. See pictures on the main Fur Trade traveling exhibit page.



  • Minimum space for exhibit: main space of 25’-0” x 13-0” (this allows circulation around the hands-on interactives, prop crates, and touch-screen interactive media kiosks). Please remember to allow additional space for venue-created local content or exhibit components.
  • Recommended Floor Plan (PDF 122.32 KB). Ideal space for exhibit: main space of 25’-0”x 13'-0” with additional space for venue created local content exhibit components.
  • The exhibits are designed in content groups, allowing flexible placement depending on the space and existing content of each host museum. Alternative Floor Plan by Topics (PDF 114.96 KB)


Shipping components

  • Crate MNFT - A Cube crate. 17”H x 25”W x 25”L. Approx weight: 80 lbs. Most of the props and parts for interactive exhibits; table covers
  • Crate MNFT - B Cube crate. 19.25”H x16”W x 53.5”L. Approx weight: 125 lbs exhibit manual and report sheets, Advertising banners and retractable graphic panels, miscellaneous cleaning materials, brackets and hardware for display crate lids
  • Crate MNFT - C Cube crate. 27”H x 29”W x 24”D. Approx weight:  114 lbs Computer interactive “My First Year”
  • Crate MNFT - D Lift the Pack interactive. 18”H x 18”W x 30”L.  Approx weight: 45 lbs. interactive crate for direct use
  • Crate MNFT - E Cube crate. 31”H x 29”W x 24”D. Approx weight: 114 lbs. Media interactive “All for a Hat”
  • Crate MNFT - F Cardboard box. 6.5”H x 14” W x 61”L. Approx weight: 9 lbs. Snowshoes
  • Crate MNFT - G Blanket wrapped vitrine case. 22”H x 30”W x 15”D plus blanket padding. Approx weight: 49 lbs. Beaver hat display vitrine 
  • Crate MNFT - H Pine display crate containing rifle prop. 14”H x 20”W x 61”L. Approx weight: 84 lbs
  • CrateS 18 – 27  Floor standing trade goods display cases (five pairs)
    Crate 18: 34 lbs, 16”H x 24”W x 16”D
    Crate 19: 20 lbs, 11”H x 24”W x 18”D
    Crate 20: 36 lbs, 16”H x 24”W x 16”D
    Crate 21: 20 lbs, 11”H x 24”W x 18”D (includes tool bag and floor cable covers)
    Crate 22: 32 lbs, 11”H x 24”W x 18”D
    Crate 23: 41 lbs, 16”H x 24”W x 16”D
    Crate 24: 29 lbs, 14”H x 16”W x 18”D
    Crate 25: 18 lbs, 14”H x 16”W x 18”D
    Crate 26: 36 lbs, 11”H x 24”W x 18”D
    Crate 27: 23 lbs, 16”H x 24”W x 16”D
  • Six folding tables: Four (4) are 24” x 48”; one is 30” x 72”, one is 30” x 90”.
  • Two (2) four wheeled dollies
  • Misc padded packing blankets and ratchet straps.
  • Exhibit set-up manual and condition reporting forms
  • Tool bag
  • Cleaning materials
  • Shipping plan (PDF 368.42 KB)


Exhibit components

  • Main exhibit panels:  six (6) retractable graphics panels.
  • Computer interactive: one (1) media touch-screen interactive
  • Media kiosk interactive:  one (1) media player interactive
  • Hands-on interactive:  one (1) touch table with pelts and trade objects
  • Hands-on interactive:  one (1) table with plastic tiles for beadwork activity
  • Hands-on interactive:  one (1) display of hatmaking process
  • Hands-on interactive:  one (1) Lift the Pack interactive object (heavy)
  • Case display:  one (1) beaver hat and carrying case in Vitrine display case
  • Floor-stacked cased objects:  European Trade Goods in Wooden Crates (5 with goods plus 5 bases)
  • Floor sitting cased object: Rifle in wood Crate
  • Visitor Comment Binder


Host supplied items

Insurance Requirements

  • No insurance is required from the host organization. All Minnesota Historical Society Traveling Exhibits Program exhibits are covered by a MHS “wall to wall” fine arts insurance policy, with standard exclusions, while in transit and on display. Estimated replacement value of Fur Trade in Minnesota is $40,000.00.

Exhibit power requirements

  • Two (2) 20-amp three-prong (grounded) circuits.

Staff / volunteers required for set-up/take-down

  • Two minimum, three to four suggested
  • Three to four people will be needed to carry exhibit into building

Tools or materials required for set-up/take-down

  • Host to provide wire/cable for hanging “Now Showing” Interior and Exterior advertising banners
  • Host to provide Stepladder(s) for set up and banner hanging.
  • All exhibit-specific tools are provided with the exhibit.

Exhibit lighting

  • No special lighting or climate control is required for this exhibit. Host organization will provide general lighting for the exhibit. 

Exhibit furniture

  • Tables are provided with the exhibit
  • Chairs may be added at interactives if available


Exhibit transportation

  • Host organizations are required to provide transportation for the exhibit. Each host site arranges and pays to get the exhibit from the previous host site, or from MNHS at the start of the seasonal tour cycle.
  • MNHS will pick up the exhibit from the last host organization’s site at the end of the seasonal tour cycle.
  • A cargo van is required to transport this exhibit. The exhibit includes large folding tables and display elements.