Advanced Masonry Restoration, Inc

Company Information

Contact: Tim Miller (Owner)

2956 Yorkton Blvd
St Paul, MN 55117

Mobile 651-271-1467
Business 651-766-8080

Year Established: 1998

Specialties: Contractors, General, Masons and Masonry Restoration

Training/Experience: All of our employees are trained by the Bricklayers Training Center. They are trained in proper techniques for stone,terra cotta, brick and mortar repair. Proper material selections and installation of the materials. Our employees carry licenses for Jah

Notes: Advanced Masonry Restoration is a historic restoration contractor. We have the ability to repair your building back to its original condition, utilizing repair techniques that we have developed over the years of service to the industry. We are active in organizations such as Preservation Alliance of Minnesota. Tim Miller is Chair of the Apprenticeship Training Center that prepares future restoration workers and bricklayers. He is also on the International Masonry Institutes Restoration committee and a strong supporter of their Historic Journeyman Restoration Certification.


Project: Split Rock Light House and Buildings
Location: Two Harbors Minnesota
Year: 2007

Project: Fort Snelling Roundhouse and Buildings
Location: St Paul, MN
Year: 2005-2014

Project: Pioneer Endicott Renovation
Location: St. Paul, MN
Year: 2013