Blue Planet Museum Consulting, LLC

Company Information

Contact: Jane F. Bisel (Principal)

1223 Skyline Dr SW
Rochester, MN

Business 507-280-6888

Year Established: 2002

Specialties: Exhibit Design, Historians, Historic Preservation Consultants, Museum Consultants, Historic Tax Credits Consultant

Training/Experience: Company principals Steve Williams and Jane Bisel have a broad base of training & skills. Mr. Williams has over 30 years of professional museum experience. He was Chief Designer at the Ringling Museum of Art, where he trained in exhibit and lighting design, & specialized in project management as FAE Worldwide's Associate Directory of Special Projects. Ms. Bisel holds an MA from McGill University, with experience editing & writing scholarly and historical work. She trained in building conservation with a NPS conservator and meets Professional Qualifications Standards in History.

Notes: Blue Planet provides a range of essential services to cultural organizations and stewards of culturally-significant property. These include: grant writing, historical research, history writing, editorial services, publication design, exhibit development, exhibit design, exhibit tour management, National Register nominations, Historic Tax Credit applications (part 1), and Historic Structures Reports (history and significance sections).


Project: Grant writing/administration for "Quarry Hill," historic residence of Dr. and Mrs. Henry S. Plummer (now Plummer House of the Arts)
Location: Rochester, MN
Year: 2011-16

Project: Grant writing/administration, Historic Structures Report (history and significance sections), restoration project management, exhibit design and development, and interpretive signage for CCC and WPA buildings at Olmsted County Fairgrounds
Location: Rochester, MN
Year: 2012-15

Project: National Register nomination and Historic Tax Credit application (part 1) for Maass and McAndrew Company building
Location: Rochester, MN
Year: 2015-16