Braun Art Conservation

Company Information

Contact: Tom Braun (Senior Art Conservator)

1000 53rd St W
Minneapolis, MN 55419

Mobile 952-200-0938
Business 651-259-3382

Year Established: 1999

Specialties: Conservators, Objects, Archaeology, Furniture, Metals Restoration, Plaques & Historical Markers, Conservators, Books, Photographs, Paper, Framers, Archival

Training/Experience: 1999, University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware, M.S. in Art Conservation.
1995, Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts, M.A. in Art History.
1992, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, B.A. in Art History.

Notes: My private practice is very selective about the work I take on, due to my high demand and limited availability.


Project: Bronze Buddha figure, 1600 AD, Thailand
Location: Twin Cities, MN
Year: 2012

Project: Colima figure, Pre-Columbian, Mexico
Location: Twin Cities, MN
Year: 2021

Project: Land deed, 1772, Massachusetts Bay
Location: Twin Cities, MN
Year: 2021