Building Restoration Corporation

Company Information

Contact: Mark Bailey, Jr. (Director of Project Management)

1920 Oakcrest Ave, Suite #1
Roseville, MN 55113

Mobile 612-505-6718
Business 612-638-1808

Year Established: 1984

Specialties: Contractors, General, Masons and Masonry Restoration, Metals Restoration

Training/Experience: All of our employees are trained through our in house masonry restoration training program prior to entering our workforce. Each year we host a company wide training which includes hands on training from various material suppliers, preservation experts and masonry craftspeople. Our masons are trained and experienced with all mortar types and masonry assemblies. Our restoration skillsets include; repointing (tuckpointing), brick and stone repair, terra cotta repair, restoration cleaning (where appropriate), sealant replacement, sheet metal and flashing improvements and many other services.

Notes: Building Restoration Corporation (BRC) is a highly respected masonry restoration contractor focused on bringing our skilled craftspeople to projects that require advanced knowledge and skillsets specific to historic masonry restoration. Our inclusive and collaborative approach brings the client and building to the forefront as we assist with scope development, budget planning and project execution. We offer facade evaluations, inspections, maintenance budget development and consulting services as a means to assist clients with understanding the maintenance needs of their historic buildings.


Project: Minneapolis City Hall
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Year: 2020

Project: Guardian Building
Location: St. Paul, MN
Year: 2017

Project: Hewing Hotel (Jackson Bldg)
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Year: 2015