Mitch Rossow Fine Art Photography

Company Information

Contact: Mitch Rossow (Owner)

2886 James Ave S #208
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Work/text (612) 702-9571

Year Established: 2005

Specialties: Photography & Documentation, Collections

Training/Experience: Over the past 15 years as a professional artwork photographer, he has developed and refined a proprietary system to affordably and accurately capture all the details, colors, and nuances of artwork and archival collections.

Notes: Mitch Rossow produces high-resolution artwork and collections photography. The images are suitable for use on websites, social media, email, magazine articles, ads or prints as well as for historical record keeping. The images are also color corrected with even lighting across the entire surface. He uses the latest digital technology and specifically professional equipment for accurate reproduction.

In addition to having a professional quality image as a historical record, it is especially crucial to have good images of your work for marketing & press.