Company Information

Contact: Jim Welch (Cultural Resources Workgoup Manager)

4585 Coleman St
Bismarck, North Dakota 58503

mobile 701-955-0521
business 701-355-8477

Year Established: 1938

Specialties: Archaeologists, Engineers, Civil, Engineers, Structural, Historians

Training/Experience: Jim Welch is a registered professional archaeologist with 38 years of practical experience in archaeology, cultural resource management and environmental compliance services, and more than 32 years of experience managing projects. The Cultural Resources Workgroup specializes in archaeological surveys and state and federal cultural resource assessment.

Notes: At KLJ, we offer complete solutions for your engineering-based projects by partnering bother internally and externally to meet client needs. We have services, experience and resources to help clients take their projects forward, meeting the needs and demands of a growing community and nation.


Project: DCN Small Cell Installations: Dillworth-Glyndon-Felton High School and Moorhead High School
Location: Clay County, MN
Year: 2016

Project: Roseau Airport: A Phase I Literature Search
Location: Roseau County, MN
Year: 2014

Project: LXL Little Falls/Morrison County Airport Pine Plantation Removal: A Literature Search of Cultural Resources
Location: Morrison County, MN
Year: 2017