Mediapolis LLC

Company Information

Contact: Dennis Becker (President)

4139 Queen Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55412

Business 612-486-2221
Mobile 612-802-8877

Year Established: 2013

Specialties: Film Editors, Filmmakers

Training/Experience: The principal of the company grew up and worked in a analog world. It wasn't until about 1995, when he and the world started making the transition to digital. In 1986, he graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. There he worked in the photo lab and Northern Lights, the photo department's art gallery where he learned how to handle fine art. His first job out of college was recording media with a video tape recorder. He has experience using many analog tape formats including Beta SP, Umatic, MII, VHS, SVHS, MiniDV, 8MM and many others.

Notes: We digitize both analog or carbon media. Because of technical obsolescence and deterioration we are preserving the past by digitizing both printed and tape media. As technologies change, and as old formats age and disintegrate, we are at risk of losing significant media that documents the art, culture and history of our communities. We provide appraisal and recommendations for immediate and long-term preservation.


Project: Minnesota Historical Society
Location: St. Paul, MN
Year: 2012

Project: Church of Saint Margaret Mary
Location: Golden Valley, MN
Year: 2017

Project: Comcast
Location: St. Paul, MN
Year: 2006