Environmental Associates Inc

Company Information

Contact: Ray Stenglein

770 North Business Hwy 71
Willmar, MN 56201

Business 320-231-0461
Mobile 320-295-6000

Year Established: 1998

Specialties: Masons and Masonry Restoration

Training/Experience: Our Masons have been working on MNDOT historic roadside restoration projects for over 18 years and 39 projects. We also have masons trained by the drystone conservancy out of Kentucky. We are certified by the UofM for erosion control Design, Management and Installation.

Notes: Historic Stone restoration and cleaning. Dismantling and reinstallation of stone and brick. Tuckpointing historic structures. Proper mortar identifying and mixing by measuring the exact amount of sand, lime, Portland.


Project: Inspiration Point
Location: Lanesboro Minnesota
Year: 2015

Project: Garrison Concourse Overlook
Location: Garrison Minnesota
Year: 2011 & 2013

Project: Shoddy Mill
Location: Stillwater Minnesota
Year: 2012